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Published 03/15/2012 by moonstrucksiren

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Entertainment System to Play Kitchen

Published 03/12/2012 by moonstrucksiren


It all started with this pre-loved TV unit that they got for $30!

The dvd player shelf was removed and all the doors were taken off for sanding and the first coat of undercoat paint.

Shelves were added to what was the cupboard to make it a fridge & freezer. Then another coat of paint.

A hole was cut in the shelf where the TV once sat and a tap was added. The fridge and freezer were fitted for their doors. Then another coat of paint.

Dad removed the entire back of the unit and replaced it as their were holes in the original back for the TV and DVD player cords.

The microwave was added to the top corner of the TV space.

Then another coat of paint.

The fridge, freezer and cupboard doors went on.
The microwave and over doors have dark perspex in them to add to the real look. A ‘window‘ was added by placing a photo behind a piece of clear perspex

with a frame around it and attaching it to the wall. Mum made curtains and matching tea towels. The stove top is a piece of timber with four coasters glued

on it to act as hotplates the four knobs were added down the side of the stove top that all turn so Milla can ‘really’ cook. Dad even added little baskets to the

inside of the fridge door soit looked just like a real fridge. Then with a printed out keypad added for the buttons on the microwave and a few hanging cooking

utensils the amazing transformation was complete!!

Milla LOVE, LOVE, LOVES her fabulous kitchen and so do I!!! We went through our real kitchen cupboards and found all kinds of boxes and bottles

to put in her fridge, freezer and cupboards and we have baked non stop since the new kitchen was ‘installed’!